Diamond Grading

The tools below provide general guidelines on the way diamonds are graded. A diamond report is only a starting point. It can never tell you how beautiful the diamond is or how much sparkle you will see. Cut is at the top of the page because Cut Grade is what causes the diamond to reflect light back to your eye as sparkle.

Diamonds are graded for Color upside-down. A well cut diamond will cause the Color to look whiter. All of the varying factors for diamond grading will change the appearance of the stone.

The Clarity grading scale is fairly weighted. A VS1 diamond may look the same as an internally flawless diamond without magnification. The Slightly Included range will often produce diamonds with no visible inclusions as well. These scales are a reference point and not a certainty of appearance.

These grading charts on not in order of importance. Determine what matters to you and buy based off of your liking. Carat will tell you how much the diamond weighs, not the width of the stone. An Excellent or Very Good Cut stone may often be wider than one that is not Cut well.